I enjoyed recreating the Organization of Knowledge picture in PowerPoint. I actually forgot how many different tools and designs they had in the PowerPoint program. I have also changed the background theme to the Weebly website to help students who may have visual difficulties. As far as the chapter 2 Organization of Knowledge I thought it was interesting the various strategies instructors can use in the classroom to help build long term knowledge. I will definitely try to use the strategy where students draw a concept map to help expose their knowledge organizations about a topic. It is a starting point to help figure out what students understand or have retained about a specific topic.

I also forget how many other uses there are for PowerPoint. Using it to make the graphic organizers not only gives the student a place to collect information in a meaningful way, but the technology skills they are developing throughout the process are useful. I hope that the other chapters provide as much insight and practicality as the first two.


The goal of learning is certainly long term knowledge. So many boring lessons amount to a student understanding the subject until the test, then forgetting it. Finding a way for students to retain the knowledge is key.


I use a lot of PowerPoint activities in my classroom. It is very easy to use and the students enjoy creating their own when developing a presentation.


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