Quality Matters is a faculty centered, peer review course that is designed to guide individuals who are creating blended learning or online courses. The workbook and rubric is very easy to understand and is straight forward in how to help you set up a successful online or blended learning class. A successful Quality Matters course includes receiving an 85% on the course as well as allowing a panel of three certified Quality Matters instructors peer review your coursework.

I thought the Quality Matters certification is a great way to help guide instructors who are interested in creating online or blended learning classes. I have taken online classes where there is no student to student or student to instructor interaction. These online classes consist of an assignment being uploaded each week and the student completing the work. It tends to create a cold environment, which I do not prefer. The Quality Matters helps instructors also create course objectives that are measurable and flow with the content they are teaching.    

I agree with your thoughts. QM will definitely give me a new perspective on course design, and what makes a course effective.


I would prefer that my online courses have more student to student or student to instructor interaction. I am taking a few online courses now that consist of modules being posted and completed each Monday night. The Quality Matters program seems like that would help eliminate the unorganization I see in some of my online classes.


I have never heard of the Quality Matters program, but it sounds pretty helpful for first time instructors who are teaching distance learning classes. When you get a chance you will have to show me the rubric and workbook that goes along with this program.


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