I thought the strategies were a great idea to help build student motivation in the classroom. Everyone is motivated by something either by money, the self fulfillment, or a better job. I know I have different goals that help me keep motivated through college and my career. As an instructor I try to provide many opportunities for student motivation. For example, we provide plenty of fun field trips and the stipulation is students must have passing grades to attend. Every year students strive to achieve passing grades to attend and get out of school to have fun for one day. It is rewarding for them to have passing grades as well as to be able to attend the field trip. 

I enjoyed the Voice Thread and the phone comment was very different. It it easy to use and create which makes it great to use!

Agreed, everyone is motivated by something. I believe that motivation is the basis for why anyone does anything. It is sometimes difficult to determine what drives others. Aside from knowing content, I believe that student motivation is what separates the great teachers from the rest. If given a choice, I would always prefer to have a teacher that may have less knowledge, but knows how to motivate me to want to learn. That is the art of teaching. :-)

Good post, keep looking for ways to motivate them all!


The VoiceThread is a great tool to use in an online class. I like that students would have different options in posting their comment. I might have to give this tool a try in my classroom or even use it during our e-days.


Hi Katie,
I wonder how we can motivate teachers as well as students. I think it would be important to keep educators motivated as well. I am glad you include opportunities to motivate your students. Sheri


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